“Most presenters forget that their job is not simply to explain something, it is to transmit a feeling to their audience. Often, for business audiences, they neither feel nor face anything much that is positive in their worlds. They are often under pressure, have too much to do, and don’t have much time to spare on you and your message; so it’s a good idea if you accept that part of your job as a presenter is to earn the right to be listened to. You earn the right by connecting with the hopes, dreams and realities of the people in front of you. In this article Jim identifies the one, powerful skill we need to develop to do just that.

Earning the right is often about leaving an audience feeling more positive as they leave the room, than they were as they walked in; to inspire them; to make the world, so full of dead ends, false starts and hopes, seem like a place where a happy ending just might be in their sights. The ability to change the feeling in a room could be called ‘Charisma’.

My research and, more importantly, my experimentation leads me to the conclusion that charisma changes everything. In conversations with our best friends we’ll share joy and pain, love and longing, openly and honestly, and that shared emotion will makes us laugh, cry, hug and will bind us together.

In meetings at work we’ll spread hope, energy, focus, enthusiasm and confidence. In speeches, presentations, relationships and even just when we’re walking down the street, charisma will make us stand out from the crowd; because the crowd is often frightened, timid and invisible; incapable of expressing real emotion and powerless to change the way that other people feel.”

Read more here: http://www.presentation-guru.com/how-to-move-hearts-and-minds-with-these-12-easy-hacks/

Source: http://www.presentation-guru.com/

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