You need your attendees to stream your event easily, possibly on the go. A mobile app allows for the whole event to be hosted easily in one place where they know in advance they can download, and will have access without any complicated links on emails, and can access the event as long as they have access to the internet. If you’re not sure whether you should get a mobile app, these 4 requirements will make it worth your while. 

  1. You need to communicate instantly with your attendees. There will be an increase in the amount of marketing done leading up to an event, to remind attendees and to build up anticipation. One of the best reminders is push notifications. These can be sent easily if you have a mobile app for your event and can tell attendees to download it to have access to the live stream as well as all other event documents from one place
  2. You want to make sure your attendees have all information at their fingertips. Sometimes info is scattered throughout various emails and forms, making it difficult for attendees to remember how to gain access and possibly deter them from attending. With one app to download, you can include all live streams, pre-recorded media, documents, reports, access links, social streams and more to give your events a professional feel and make it the best experience for your guests.
  3. You’d like to easily ask for feedback through surveys. You can do an unlimited amount of surveys on your mobile app, each with its own icons, easy for attendees to differentiate between and move through. Collect data on topics outside of the event, as well as critical event-specific info that helps to plan future events better and understand the attendees’ experiences and insights more directly.
  4. You want to include engaging tactics in your event, such as live polling. Through the mobile app, doing live polling, asking questions, and participating in word clouds, can be accessed easily from anywhere. A guest user experience on mobile generally accounts for 50% of the user experience in a virtual event, so it is important that this experience is focussed on providing an app interface that is easier to access on mobile than a responsive website is for the event.

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