Something people have struggled to get their heads around virtual events and if and when they should be charging for attendance to these events. There are a few ways to go about it and it doesn’t only have to be through the traditional way of charging for ticket sales (though that will be our first point!). Read on for more ideas.

1. Traditional Ticket Sales

Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without including ways to sell tickets for your online event. These can be flat rate; early booking discounts; or multiple ticket discounts (purchasing many tickets for the same events, or purchasing tickets for a series of events you may be holding). It’s important to identify the purpose people are attending the event, I.e. is it because there are speakers sharing knowledge they can’t otherwise gain, that needs to be acknowledged, marketed and charged for. Attendees will understand that there are costs to cover to bring important content and speakers to their stage.

2. Charge for the on-demand recording

Some attendees may want the recording of the event after the show, and you choose to make this available, at an additional cost (which may also incentivise attendees to pay attention when watching so that they don’t have to spend extra on the recording). The recording allows the attendee to obtain all that knowledge and insight for life, so deciding to make it available at a small fee may be a good way to bring in some additional income for the event. This can be made automatic with an online transaction leading to a download sent in an email – so it doesn’t have to take any manual admin.

3. Charge for certification after questionnaires at the event

The same way some online courses are done, attendees can attend the event, but will only be provided with questionnaires that confirm their knowledge and understanding of the topic, if they have a ticket that is paid for, which will allow them to get a certificate of attendance and understanding. This is a great incentive for attendees as they will be attentive anyway, they may as well pay a fee and get recognition for it as well. This ties into events for CPD points as well, as many attendees from various professions need to attend events, talks and conferences and require the points allocation for this.

4. Get sponsors to advertise

In another of the Virtual Event Knowledge series, we’re outlining 7 ways to get sponsorship for your online events, which is a great way to cover some of the event costs or even make some additional money. We will be launching that in the next few days so keep a look out.

This new realm of virtual events means that the skies are the limit, and the paths can still be chartered. Need to monetize your event, organise and plan for your attendees, and get an app for your virtual event? Chat to us for a cost-effective solution.

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