This is really incredible. Our mobile app and event management software has been included in a recently published video and article by Ezvid Wiki from Los Angeles covering “Global Apps to make planning and running your event easier.”

The article focuses on topics such as:

Great Apps For Putting an event together which included Flock Eventing Platform as one of the 6 selected globally, listing our platform as a “User-friendly event management system and collection of custom mobile apps that work to increase engagement and improve communication with attendees.” They also mentioned that our online platform allows event coordinators to build websites, manage RSVPs, send custom branded emails, and publish a mobile app.

“The affordable pricing of this platform allows for events of all sizes to have a digital presence. Its clients have included some of the world’s leading brands, such as Facebook, Oracle and Red Bull. Through the custom mobile app, participants can digitally RSVP and access information about the event. It also offers features to help attendees engage with the event, speakers, and other attendees”

The second topic they mentioned focused on Tips & Tricks For Event Planners. This Included a list of tricks event organisers can try to ensure the success of any event. Tips on the list included not overspending, keeping your workspace organised, avoiding last-minute changes and so much more.

How To Successfully Organize an Event is a must-read topic for event organisers. This included a 3 min video titled: 7 Precepts of successful event organisation from TedTalks by Andrew Jose.

EzVid Wiki’s YouTube channel has over 500 000 subscribers and nearly 300 million views since their founding, so we’re incredibly proud to have been featured in one of their videos.

To watch the full video and read the article please visit:

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