We’ve got some amazing Virtual Event tricks up our sleeves, and here’s just one of them:

An easily accessible, formal or informal auditorium set-up for your guests to network amongst each other by walking around, browsing the exhibition, and then gathering in the same room together for the actual conference to start. All this through a PC (no special hardware required!)

Our event venue can be accessed by your attendees as they receive their professionally-branded email invites, go through to the custom branded event website with all the details, agenda, access links, speaker information, event sponsors and more. Our automated communications tools means they will be prompted to join the event when it is about to start so they don’t miss a second.

Attendees will create avatars of themselves and get taken into a world where they are free to roam around the auditorium and interact with each other – an incredibly life-like experience – but is also a fun take on virtual events. What makes this even better is that it is cost-effective, and you have a team able to make sure everything runs smoothly with this new experience for you and your guests.

Want to “hire” this venue for your next event? Get in touch for a demo or email us on hello@flockplatform.com so we can give you a full run-through of how your next event will pan out.

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