ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has some 208 000 members, is over 100 years old and is the global body for professional accountants. Its headquarters are in London, and it has centres in 52 countries. Doing events with the stellar team from ACCA has certainly taken us places – from London to the  Czech Republic, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Ghana and back to South Africa.

ACCA lives up to its promise to think ahead.They aim to be the most forward-thinking accounting body, especially when it comes to improving the way they run events. This is where Flock came in, assisting them to make their processes digital and providing mobile event apps for their delegates.

“Thank you for sending through the analytics and for all your hard work putting the content on the app and fulfilling last minute, urgent requests – really appreciate your help! Your support was invaluable and the app looked fantastic.” Milana Fomina – ACCA Member Engagement Manager,Europe and the Americas.
ACCA have ensured the sustainability and greenness of their events by using our online event management software, as well as our custom-branded mobile event apps.  This gave attendees an easy way to access all event, training seminar or conference information and documents. The conference apps that are put together are used mainly for event documents, agendas and news for easy access, but also has capabilities to make the ACCA events much more interactive with Live Polling and Live Q&A in all sessions.

With ACCA and Flock working together, the event planning, registration and general organisation has become simpler on all levels, and many manual event marketing processes, have become automated. With this, post-event analytics give better insight into the events and the attendees, and is always delivered promptly after each event.

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