CIGFARO, the Chartered Institute of Government Finance Audit and Risk Officers, is the recognised professional body for finance, audit, risk management, performance management and related professionals in the public sector. We are proud to have had them as a client for almost 3 years. Since running events using Flock’s online event planning software, CIGFARO has greatly changed the way it approaches event planning and execution.

Data can now be analysed even more in depth than ever before, and by digitising the event planning process, communication with guests has improved tenfold.

CIGFARO was originally founded 90 years ago, and though there have been changes and adaptations over time, they have consistently maintained their professionalism and business integrity.

The national workshops that CIGFARO puts together are by no means a small feat as more than 300 delegates ranging from executive mayors and municipal managers, through to CEO and COOs and specialists are brought together with a variety of exhibitors. This is second to the annual conference held which rallies together around 1500 participants from municipalities, provincial and national government departments, legislatures and chapter 9 institutions, state-owned enterprises and private sector organisations. By incorporating a mobile event app into these events, communication at events has become much easier, and  event engagement has increased. Delegates that are coming from far and wide are able to access information on an instantly-updated platform as well as receive instant push notifications about the event. Features such as the event agenda, social media, maps, networking capabilities, live polling and Q&A have been used at the events to create a more engaged atmosphere, which has certainly reaped rewards for them.

The analytics that are packaged and sent to the CIGFARO event team post the event are a source of knowledge and provide discussion points for measured improvements. The survey feedback speaks volumes in terms of the insights the teams are made aware of.

In terms of transforming and improving their events, we know that CIGFARO is certainly at the forefront, and we are proud to be walking this journey with them.

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