Recently we held an event for a conference that ended up with 3 times (!) the amount of anticipated attendees, all able to retrieve their CPD points after attending! The event managed to connect guests from all over South Africa to listen to top speakers in their field, get up to speed with developments in their industry, and stay at the forefront of their profession. The event was filled with expert information, high engagement and interaction from all guests, with Live Polls, Live Q&A, commentary, speaker ratings and ice breakers.

Guests were able to access all documentation through the Event Website, which is accessed from the professionally branded email invites, confirmation mails and reminder emails, sent and created on the Flock Platform. After confirming attendance on the day of the event, all registrars could claim their CPD points which are vital for maintaining their professions.

With expert knowledge, well-versed speakers, high-quality visuals and content delivered straight to each attendee, we’ve made it an easy experience for event planners to take their events online – regardless of the nature of the event.

We have a full battalion of Virtual Event software up our sleeves that’s sure to delight attendees and create incredible experiences for event planners – from virtual booth creations and the convenience of Mobile Apps, to 3D event experiences and incredible networking formats. Let us help with your event technology solution and take your events online.

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