Part of what is missing in virtual events in comparison to physical events is often the ability to make the entire event venue “yours”. Virtual event platforms tend to be generic or unbranded which doesn’t necessarily work negatively against your event, but it is a missed opportunity to add a bit of sparkle to the experience.

Attendees love feeling immersed in an event on a couple of fronts. At physical events, it would be everything from the event invite, the posters or billboards and onsite registration, the food, and entertainment, to the follow-up emails after the event, amongst many other touchpoints. We can certainly take that feeling into the virtual world by branding various aspects of the event and by including a bit of personality where we can. This includes your networking event floor plans, your 3D world or exhibition walkthrough, and your virtual event snack boxes for the additional branded and premium experience – branding everything about your “event venue” as much as we can.

We’ve given thought to the sponsorship opportunities, rotating banners in-app, banners on your event website, and then also the branding and customisation at your event in the event platforms that work for you. This means that throughout your event, your attendees will see colours and marketing that represent the main company which enhances the experience. Not only that, but the floor plans and exhibitions, conference rooms, seminars, and more can have unique elements incorporated to suit the event and brand, for instance including cars for an auto-show, campfires for a scouts meeting, a bar for networking over drinks, and more.

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