We’re always investigating ways to make our event planners’ events stand out above the rest – which has taken on a different form when in the virtual event world. Event planners have become very creative in incorporating live entertainment, engagement tactics and treasure-hunts that guests do in their own homes; 3D exploration of venues; ice breakers and captivating MCs that deliver fun and insightful live polls and questionnaires. But one element of a virtual event that is taking the spotlight for us at the moment in keeping guests happy, smiling and engaged, is the concept of virtual event packs, custom-branded and delivered directly to each of your guests.

Imagine your guests’ delight when they prepare to attend an event you’ve arranged, and they are greeted at their door with a branded snack pack, consisting of a breakfast, lunch, evening snack or meal, with drinks and desserts included. The events can be tied to the snack pack that guests receive, with other gifts and items like branded notebooks, pens, badges, or even something fun to get the conversation flowing, included.

We’ve previously mentioned the emotional benefit of making events memorable for guests so they will always remember how an event made them feel. With a combination of food and gifts arriving directly at an attendee’s doorstep, the emotions are guaranteed to be positive and your event is bound to stand out.

Event catering experts, All About Food, have managed to get this recipe right, so get in touch for your next virtual event to create a memorable experience for your guests whilst they unpack their gifts and snacks at your next event (at any budget).

To get in touch you can contact them here, or get in touch with us to incorporate them into your virtual event planning.

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