The importance of a solid, well-thought-out event communication plan cannot be stressed enough. An event communication plan is essentially a breakdown of how you will contact your audience, when you will do this and what exactly you will be communicating. In addition, the method you use to communicate with your potential guests and registered attendees, is extremely important for the following reasons:

  • It is essential for pre-event marketing organization
  • It serves to build ‘hype’ and interest in the event
  • It keeps your guests informed of all essential and any updated information on the day.
  • It ensures your team is tuned in to the same communication and facilitates a seamless event.

Flock Eventing Platform’s Event Website and RSVP Suite features will make it a breeze to implement your event communication plan. Having an effective event website with an event landing page, rather than your general website’s home page, is the pivotal starting point for your communication process. From there, being able to monitor sent and received invitations with the use of Flock’s RSVP Suite will allow you to communicate with guests with great ease.

Flock breaks down the three essential elements of any event communication plan and highlights how using Flock’s products can streamline the process.

1. Pre-event marketing and communication

 It’s important to establish an event timeline before you start with any pre-event communication or marketing. Set a date for your event and work back from there to determine the best time to start marketing to the public. At this stage of your plan, you will primarily focus on communication that builds hype and creates a ‘buzz’ around your event so that you get more registrations. Tools to use for this purpose include paid media, emailers to encourage? newsletter sign-ups and using your social media platforms to boost your event to a correctly targeted audience.

If you make use of Flock’s Eventing Platform (check if correct), you will be ensured of an impeccable event landing page and have as access to customizable event emailers. Directing your guests, via all forms of event communication, to your event landing page is the best way to reap results from pre-event marketing efforts. Potential guests will be able to read up about the event and get all necessary information while at the same time getting acquainted with the brand’s image and ethos.

This first step of the communication plan is imperative as it will determine the level of excitement surrounding your event and this will show in the number of event registrations in the timeline up to the event.

2. Communication with attending guests, before and during the event.

 Once you have secured your registrations and received a list of check-ins with the use of Flock’s RSVP Suite, you will need to schedule reminders about the event, when the reminders must go out and distribute any important event information guests need to have prior to the event. Flock’s Mobile App provides an especially useful tool for communication with, and between, guests, during your event. You are able to send broadcast messages, push notifications and send out live updates to keep your audience engaged and aware of what is happening with pointers to information that they may need. The Mobile App also allows you to send polls and post-event surveys to your guests — if it’s a multi-day event, this feature could be used at the end of each day to ask canvas attendees about the day went which you can implement to improve the success of the remainder of the event.

3. Post-event communication

 Arguably one of the more important steps of your plan in the current digital age is post-event communication with your guests. It allows you to collect valuable information from them to help you plan future events and to re-target guests for upcoming events they would find interesting. Getting people to sign up to your newsletter or blog feed during your event is another helpful way to ensure post-event communication. Post-event information can be analysed to improve the hosting of future events and to ensure content that is more client focused. Read more about using attendee data to execute seamless events here 

Flock Eventing Platform has products that will make every step of your event communication plan effective and simple. Book a demo with Flock to see which products will best suit your needs and help you make your next event an all-round success.

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