Inviting a celebrity, influencer, or TV personality to your event can elevate the whole affair to a new level. A famous person hosting or speaking at your event instantly makes it more refined, but you can do more than just having your star make an appearance.

How to Utilise Your Celebrity

Do a drop

One of the most effective forms of promotion is called a “drop”. It takes the form of a quick video of your celebrity telling their audience about your event, and encouraging them to attend. These videos are very short and can be taken anywhere, so it requires very little effort from your star host or speaker.

Not only does this expand your reach, but it legitimises your event. Most people are instantly sceptical when they hear they have the opportunity to see their favourite celebrity, so hearing it from the horse’s mouth instantly quashes those doubts and elevates your event.

Promote the event on social media

Of course, celebrities can do more than post one video. If your famous guest is already an influencer on social media, they should have no problem publishing a post or two (make sure this is covered in their agreement).

As influencers have larger audiences, doing so will increase brand awareness. What’s more, hearing about the event for the first time from an influencer, rather than “just online”, pushes your event to another level of sophistication before they even know what your event is about.

Meet and greet

The more involved your famed guest is, the more elevated your event becomes, and you can involve them more with a meet and greet. A meet and greet is exactly what it sounds like: the opportunity to meet and say hello to celebrities.

What’s great about these is that you can adjust the session to what your celebrity is comfortable with – whether it’s an online Q&A or taking photos with guests at the event. It’s also a way to incentivise those who bought tickets to actually show up, and can boost sales among people who may not have ordinarily been interested in your event.

Fame is a fickle friend, but if managed correctly it can really elevate your event and the brand to a new level. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more news, blogs, and tips for event planners!

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