The event industry plummeted into uncertainty in 2020 and had to make swift adjustments to survive. The switch to virtual events and gatherings is arguably the most successful adjustment that came from COVID. Online meetings, conferences, exhibitions, and even parties became commonplace as people adjusted to working, living, and socializing from home. Going into 2021, the future remains unclear as to when in-person gatherings will return. For now, the event industry is focused on enhancing the virtual and hybrid event space by making the most of the advances in technology that have not only made the shift to virtual events feasible, but also successful.

Flock Eventing Platform wants you to be on top of all the new event tech trends. We have put together a list of the Top Event Tech Trends in 2021 so that you can keep ahead of the pack this year.

1. Bring people together through virtual experiences

Create experiences that bring your attendees together and allow them to join in as a group. Virtual reality opens up many doors when it comes to creating digital spaces where people can connect and experience a virtual event together as if they were in the same room.

2. Translation technology

One of the many merits of hosting virtual and hybrid events is the potential to tap into the global market and reach more international delegates. In-app electronic translation will make your event more accessible to people connecting from different countries who speak different languages.

3. Voice command technology

People are steadily moving towards contact-and-effortless ways to get their information. Including voice command technology in your event application will allow your attendees to ask a simple question e.g. ‘When is my next seminar?’ You can program your event tech to make suggestions based on the activities and preferences of the delegates and by doing so, increase engagement and attendance across the board.

4. Allow for audio-only options to enhance portability

Just because your attendees may be tuning in to your event from home, doesn’t mean they aren’t on the move or might want to tear away from their computer screens for a while. Providing the option for audio-only attendance will make your event more appealing to those who may still have other things to do while attending your virtual event. Some people prefer audio-only virtual events, as it takes the pressure off to ‘perform’, when they may just want to listen. Listening without visual input can also keep your audience engaged for longer, as they are able to do other activities that stimulate their energy levels, like walking the dog, or making lunch.

5. Virtual chatrooms

Chat and Q&A functions are one of the top 3 features attendees want from virtual events. Being able to connect with other guests is part of what makes live events so valuable and what people tend to miss most when attending virtual conferences. Make sure your event tech is equipped with a virtual chat room and private messaging service, so that your attendees will be able to network with people from different companies, or countries, throughout the event.

6. Increasing engagement

2021 is all about making sure your online attendees stay engaged. Create content that starts a conversation and keeps people talking, sharing, liking, and commenting. Your online platform can grow exponentially if you create engaging content that your attendees will respond to and talk about online, even after the event is over.

7. Event EQ and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Improve your event by enhancing not only your guests’ physical and intellectual experience but their emotional experience as well. Mindfulness, intention, and mental wellness have become buzzwords for a reason — they increase productivity and engagement. Start small by incorporating ‘mindful minutes’ at the beginning of the day and lead up to encouraging movement between sessions, for both your in-person and online attendees.

8. Sustainability

The widespread global lockdown incited a movement towards more sustainable practices across all industries. The event industry has the potential to make a big difference by consciously making the shift to practicing sustainability and encouraging sustainable behavior from event attendees.

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