Industry: Social Media
Company Location: America


The Backstory

The world’s most popular social networking web site, Facebook enables users to connect with friends and family by sharing status updates, personal photos and other items of interest. 
On 16th October 2016, Facebook hosted Open House in Istanbul, Turkey. This event gave attendees from a variety of industries and specialism the chance to develop their network, share experiences of others, take advantage of their knowledge to help launch, build and succeed in business.The conference brought 500+ visitors in touch with each other over a full day of presentations, meetings and break-out sessions.

The Goal

An Event Experience That Leaves People With Meaningful Connections.
Facebook were looking for a solution that would provide their users with the opportunity to have all the event info at their fingertips and allow for valuable feedback. The event app also had a social element, with the goal of facilitating real- time interactions and feedback during sessions.

Facebook chose Flock as their number one choice because the app is easy-to-use, as well as affordable and the service provided was impeccable.When selecting vendors, the organizing team focused on the ease of use, affordability, and, most importantly, on the ability of the company to provide a quick turn around time and instant updates to the app throughout the event.

The Solution

Flock provided the event app, but the magic happened when attendees began to download the app for Facebook Open House.

The social timeline came alive with photos, messages, likes, and comments from members of the Facebook days before the event started. Attendees introduced themselves on the timeline, posted photos of their travel experiences, and started interacting with likes and comments.Once the event started, people shared content with insights into session materials, started discussions, and continued to interact throughout the eventValuable feedback was collected during and after the event.

Post Event Analytics

Once the event came to a close the Flock team were able to provide the Open House team with the event break down and analytics.

This is useful to Facebook as they can see how the attendees benefitted from the event app as well as the interaction that took place with each element of the app.The feedback collected via the app was vital in getting back to partners with answers to their queries.

What’s Next

Flock is forever evolving, ready to bring it’s clients the latest and greatest in event technology. We look forward to growing with our clients. Ensuring the best possible experience leaving people with meaningful connections.

“Huge thanks to Flock for their great service and development of the app that we’ve done for a Facebook event.”
-Aslihan Ulutas-