As you may know by now, we are well into providingn Virtual Events – through Mobile Event Apps to Event Websites (which we’ve been doing for years!) – but now everything can be even more neatly packaged for an Online Event experience that your attendees will love.

We’ve done a few upgrades to our system to better cater for a better online experience, as follows:

Live Streaming:

We’ve included Live Streaming as a fundamental integration in both our mobile apps and event websites and have partnered with suppliers who can (after this shut down) do full productions to ensure the quality of live production is top-notch. In the meantime, business, events and discussions need to continue and can do so with laptop cameras or pre-recorded sessions – and we are the platform to connect your attendees and keep those meaningful connections going.

We’ve put together a one-pager that outlines the process of putting your event online – if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look HERE.


We have always had an opt-in attendee list on all our mobile events, and it is a phenomenal way to get attendees to connect and network. Event planners will need to encourage attendees to fill in their profiles upon registration for the event or when the event has started, in order for them to see the other attendees’ details and start the conversations from there.

Creative thinking with “Tea breaks” and specific networking slots can be incorporated into the event agenda where attendees are allotted time to make those one-on-one connections. We also have the capabilities for further attendee-driven networking, though attendee profiles come as a standard in our Online Event Packages.

Product Showcasing:

One of the main purposes for events have traditionally been the opportunities for exhibitions and product showcases. So how do we take those online? The good news is that we’ve been including exhibitor listings and product showcases in our apps for a number of years already, and though it doesn’t totally replicate the experience of walking around from stand to stand and speaking to a salesperson, it does allow for a sales channel for that exhibitor, to an audience that is in the market for those items.

A great way of showcasing products would be for (when possible) products to be sent to each confirmed attendee to test out themselves, whether it is food or beverage samples, tech items or others.

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