Flock in partnership with event organisers, Event Wizards, was involved in an exciting event for EXXARO, a leading SA mining company. The event was entirely virtual, with Flock providing EXXARO with a custom mobile app and an event page.

EXXARO is one of the largest, black-empowered mining companies in South Africa. They are a constituent of the JSE Top 40 Index and are in the top echelon of coal production in the country. EXXARO is more than just a mining and resource company and believes in empowering local mining communities and employing sustainable mining practices to limit the negative impact of mining practices on the environment.

The EXXARO Professionals-in-Training (PIT) Symposium was held on the 22nd of October 2020. Project presentations focused on minerals of the future as well as building up the mining industry while taking climate change and unemployment rates into consideration. EXARRO’s virtual symposium held productive discussions to brainstorm projects that aim to work towards running their business more cost-effectively, with a focus on sustainable practices.

Flock provided an EXXARO custom mobile app as well as an event page that allowed invitees to seamlessly navigate through everything the event had to offer. The attendees had access to the full event schedule on the conference’s own custom landing page and were able to live stream the symposium. All the project abstracts were available for them to download to their devices and they could read more about both the speakers and judges for the event. A comprehensive FAQ list was provided to ensure attendees could quickly resolve any standard queries straight from the event platform.

When Herkie Du Preez from event management company Event Wizards was asked about the outcome of the event he had the following to says, “I would like to thank each and everyone for your hard work, commitment and dedication to the Exxaro Virtual PIT Symposium 2020.  The event was a huge success thanks to all of you. Exxaro`s executive management team was extremely impressed by the level of production and content of the event. Please extend my gratitude to your teams.”

EXXARO’s virtual symposium generated incredible, ahead-of-the-curve ideas regarding sustainability in mining. Flock Events was thrilled to have been able to provide EXARRO with the event management software that brought their virtual symposium together.

Mike Lysko the Founder and CEO of the Flock Eventing Platform says, “We were excited to help such an innovative organisation take their symposium virtual by providing them with event tech solutions they needed. Flock believes the conference is important for the future of sustainable mining in SA and are proud to have been a part of making this event happen.”

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