With over 90 years of global experience, and 50 years locally, Rentokil is arguably the most recognised brand in professional pest control. On 28 January 2022, Rentokil South Africa hosted their second online Sales and Marketing Conference: Playing for Keeps. Just as we did with their first conference, Flock Eventing Platform had the pleasure of hosting their second. 

The event

The virtual conference took place over the course of the day, from 09:00 to 15:30. The speaker lineup included a range of local and international professionals, who spoke on a variety of different topics such as sales strategies, new product launches, and much more.

Flock’s involvement

We provided Rentokil with their custom event landing page, where users could learn more about the event, register for the conference, view the agenda, and see the speaker lineup. We also hosted the virtual event, which included a fireside chat, and a networking session during the break. 

The Networking Area is a virtual place for one-on-one meetings, where guests are paired with other attendees in a video chat. This feature imitates real-life networking and allows guests to discover new connections.

Virtual conferences are often more complex to host than webinars, as they generally have more varied agendas and use several mediums to communicate content to attendees. However, Flock and our partner Hopin were more than up to the task. Hopin is a virtual venue with multiple interactive areas and online spaces that are optimised for guests to connect and engage with.

Attendance highlights

Registered Users: 171

Turnout: 167

Total comments: 675

Networking visitors: 105

We were extremely impressed with the turnout, and even more so with the number of attendees partaking in the networking segment.

In closing

It’s always a pleasure to see a successful virtual conference take place. With the right tools at your disposal, you can make an online event feel as personal and immersive as any in-person conference. Let Flock Eventing Platform help you achieve this for your next event. Book a demo today to learn more about our all-in-one eventing platform.


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