In December of last year, the Nedbank Foundation – which is the Corporate Social Responsibility branch of the Nedbank Group – hosted their annual Community Builder Awards to salute employees who sacrifice their time to better their community and its members.

The event

The award ceremony recognises individual and team volunteers with prize money donated to charity organisations where employees have assisted throughout the year. “Our purpose is to use our financial expertise to do good for individuals, families, businesses, and society,” said the Nedbank Foundation in an address to the award winners. “As we continue to navigate through the pandemic, we are so proud that you continued to roll up your sleeves, raise your hands and make a difference in communities where we live and work.”

Flock’s Involvement

Flock Eventing Platform had the pleasure of collaborating with Phoenix ICE Solutions on the online event. We provided the event’s RSVP platform – a simple, yet comprehensive dashboard that allows planners to send out invitations, manage RSVPs, and track communications from a device of their choice.


We also allocated two of our team members to manage the chatbox, which allows online attendees to interact with speakers, organisers, and other attendees. In addition, our team assisted with any technical queries from guests.


Attendance highlights

  • 987 invited guests
  • 573 confirmations
  • 48 declines

In Closing

It was inspiring to hear about the volunteerism from Nedbank’s employees, despite the struggles of 2021. Our team immensely enjoyed working with the Nedbank Foundation and Phoenix ICE Solutions on this awards event, which was a big success.

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