Over the last few months, we have spent time crafting and re-designing the back end of our platform to make it even better and improve the experience for our clients. From the Multiple Events Dashboard to the Email Design functionality, through to the Mobile App Design Module, and the Exportable Reports – it has all had a facelift.

The platform delivers the same event-enhancing functionality as it has before, being able to take any events manager through the 10 main steps of putting together their event by guiding them to populate the basics of their event details and registration fields, then including information on the event speakers & agenda, and all the rich media in videos, photos and documents that populate to the Event App and the Event Website and can be easily accessed by attendees through the RSVP process at the event.

The capabilities of the event management platform have expanded so much over the last few years to incorporate social media and event hashtags, attendee RSVP management and advanced filters, the interactive Q&A sessions and live polling that are accessible to attendees from the event apps, and our 6 main analytics reports that take a deep dive into the success of the event. This provides quantifiable numbers to stakeholders and makes sponsor discussions even easier with advertising banner views.

With our platform ever-improving in functionality, we hope you also like the slick new look we’ve upgraded to, and you can count on us developing that further in the future, too.

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