Creating an event budget is no small feat. Determining the cost of every individual item that you need to make your event a reality is time-consuming, but necessary.

To make this experience as pain-free as possible, we created a customisable, all-in-one budget template that you can download for free! It features separate tabs for in-person, hybrid, and online events, as well tabs for revenue and profit.

The budget tables are already filled with categories from AV equipment to decor, to event tech to communications, so that you save time and skip the guesswork.

Download your free event budget template HERE and never create a budget from scratch again!

To make your experience even easier, follow these tips on how best to use your budget template:

  • Copy the document, and delete the tabs you don’t need (for example, if you’re planning an online event, you won’t need the in-person event tab).
  • Customise the category line items to suit your specific needs.
  • Use the event revenue tab to track event revenue streams.
  • Use the event profitability tab to compare expenses versus revenue for your event type.


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