One of the most exciting aspects of the corporate event space is the rate at which technological advancements affect the industry. Mike Lysko, our CEO, explores the ways in which quantum computing might alter the way we orchestrate and attend events.

From event apps and webinars to cashless pay points and 3D printers – technology is already changing the face of events as we know them. Now, quantum computing is set to transform corporate events in ways we can only imagine.

Before we look at the ramifications of this technology on the events space, let’s recap what exactly quantum computing is.

Ready for a quick science lesson? The mechanics of quantum computing rely on tiny particles called qubits. Qubits are atoms that are suspended in extreme cold (think thousands of degrees below celsius, a similar temperature to outer space). This, as opposed to traditional computers that rely on electrical circuits. Why is this important? Because the mechanics of quantum computers allow for exponential jumps in computing power –  revolutionising computing, and life, as we know it.

In short, quantum computing will be able to solve problems and challenges that have previously stumped the world’s leading scientists and most powerful supercomputers combined.

We’re talking about finding cures for major diseases, increasing our life expectancy into the hundreds of years, and everything in between. According to Google’s research lab, humanity will be reaping the rewards of this rate of machine learning as soon as 2030. Because the possibilities are literally endless, it’s hard to fathom exactly what living in a world that has quantum computing power at its disposal will look like. What we know for sure is that the effects will be far-reaching and profound, affecting every single industry and human being on the planet.

While we can’t say for sure just how quantum computing will revolutionise the way orchestrate and attend events, we can hazard a few guesses – based on the state of quantum computing as it stands and the trends and predictions that are already making waves in the events space.

Let’s fast forward a decade or two into the future and explore how events are set to change, all thanks to quantum computing.

Technology will become intrinsically tied to events

Specifically, wearable tech like AR glasses and the like. Augmented reality wearables are no longer solely of interest to gamers. Today, they’re aiding medical professionals, pilots in training and a wide variety of experts from multiple industries to perform their jobs more effectively. Several seconds into the future, they’ll also be embraced by individuals who’ll use them to access corporate events – even if they’re sitting at home thousands of kilometres away.

Events will no longer be restricted by a physical venue

If guests from all corners of the globe are able to attend your event in the (literal) blink of an eye, issues such as limited venue space, catering costs, parking capacity and more will become obsolete. In fact, I predict that events will move entirely into the virtual space. For example, a concert will be held virtually – which means that millions of people will be able to attend without worrying about crowd control. What’s more, time spent travelling and the resultant hefty carbon emissions will all be a thing of the past.

The guest experience will become more engaging than ever

Just because a guest isn’t physically attending your event doesn’t mean that his or her experience will be lesser than if they were at a physical venue. Thanks to leaps in technology, guests will be able to hologram themselves onto stage next to their favourite keynote speaker, test out simulations of products that are yet to be manufactured, and play with virtual prototypes – all perks usually reserved for VIPS. Events will become fully immersive, in a way that’s convenient and accessible for every single attendee.

Registering and paying for events will become as simple as smiling for the camera

Physically queuing in long lines and swiping a card to pay will be a thing of the past, thanks to facial recognition software that automatically identifies each face with a linked bank account. The result? A seamless registration and purchasing experience, which delights guests and encourages repeat attendance.

The future of events is set to be an incredibly exciting one. If you’re ready to future-proof your corporate events by utilising the latest in event technology, we’d love to chat.

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