We have reviewed research and blogs, articles and white papers on what makes certain events – some from more than 10 years back–  stand out above all the rest. We’ve taken some of those, together with our favourite ideas in the events industry and smashed them all together to give you insight into the recipe that makes your events become favourites amongst your guests, with increased attendance and sky-high reviews. Whether your event is corporate or casual, it will be one that will definitely get attention. Common themes include emotions, networking with like-minded people to create connections, and incorporating a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

Here are a few ideas:

Raving experiences

Some of the most memorable events in guests’ lives are ones that are filled with heightened sensory experiences. Most people love a party with high energy, especially if it’s unexpected and follows something that could be considered a fairly serious occasion (eg a corporate conference). At the end of the day, despite hierarchies and the more formal sides that people show at business events, everyone is human and enjoys a high energy session – or Rave as we like to call it – (especially if run by an experienced MC to ensure a smooth flow and less awkward moments). Throw in some good music, lights, glow sticks, an interactive feature such as drumming, and the recipe gets better and better.

You will have to see how best to incorporate this, with timing being an important factor, and help to ensure that guests ride the wave of high energy to take them to the next part of the event. Just before lunch, or before the cocktail hour is a great time so that people are in a high energy networking mood to make those connections.

Mindfulness sessions are in

There’s no need to force people into doing sessions they are not ready for, but your audience may be receptive to the idea of a 20-30 minute recharge. This could be in the form of a morning/afternoon session that is additional to the event where some vegan snacks are served, and some fundamentals in meditation and purposeful relaxation are taught. It encourages attendees to step out of their comfort zones and learn something new and helps those that already enjoy those practices to relax and have a time out.

If the event lends itself to a morning walk or run, that’s also a great way to get people interacting on a less formal note, and helps the brain and body re-energise.

Natural networking

The easier we can achieve bringing people together more naturally, the better. Part of the charm of events is being able to connect people face to face. It’s a powerful tool in business and can have a far-reaching ripple effect. The use of technology with an event app with networking capabilities is one way to find a solution to bringing people together easily, but making use of clever ice breakers that bring people together can also work well. Some MCs have incorporated in-session meet and greets which open the door for conversations afterwards. Interactive activities can also be a hit and can enable networking and conversation if timed well. Breaking people into groups and creating smaller “events” within your event is another way to get networking occurring naturally, and also pairing people up for short times or exercises.

A thoughtful gift

Providing thoughtful gifts can also go a long way in ensuring your event has a long-lasting effect and a good association with guests long after the event has ended. Flock is a company built on sustainability and therefore we encourage well-thought-out corporate gifts or giveaways that will add value to the guest and not be thrown away as soon as the event has ended. This means that clever personalisation (where possible), of the gifts and giveaways, will certainly go a long way here.


We love events that are thoughtful, memorable and effective, so hopefully, these tips help to create memorable experiences and communities that engage after the event has finished. A great way to keep a community-engaged is with a mobile app as guests can receive notifications for smaller meet-ups in between the larger events. To get an event app, or to use our extensive event management platform, get in touch, book a demo or get a quote from us.


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