“A homegrown eventing platform harnessing the power of app technology will become a reality in South Africa when it launches early in 2018.

Currently in Beta testing, the Flock Eventing Platform is an app that event attendees – be they regular or ad hoc – download to their smartphones or tablets and which houses all the information

they would need for those award ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and symposiums partnering with Flock.

According to CEO and founder, Mike Lysko, the Flock Eventing Platform is being developed to facilitate so much more than the ‘shared’ experience most event co-ordinators offer event delegates or attendees.”

Read more here: http://amplifier.org.za/2017/11/07/homegrown-app-based-eventing-platform-a-reality-in-2018/

Source: amplifier.org.za

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