Event planners are starting to use event data and analytics more and more to host events that are people-centered and audience-relevant.

Using data that you’ve gathered from guests via event apps, email correspondence and from online behaviour is an incredible way to learn more about the types of people that would be interested in your events and your brand.  Such data also provides you with the insights to continue giving current event customers what they want and find useful.

Flock Eventing Platform’s Mobile App is just one way you can use technology to learn more about your guests. This information empowers you and enables you to design your event around their specific needs and behaviours of your audience.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smart phone and engages with some online platform during which they have to give their information to a database that then monitors and tracks their online behaviour and preferences.

Flock shows you how to use this information ethically, yet productively, so that you can start holding events that will resonate with your guests.

Below are some tips on gathering useful data:

1. Gain insight from previous events

 These days, most events require you to download some form of event app that will allow you to register for the event, get information about the event – whether it be program updates, speaker information or other important information – as it is happening, and to provide feedback once the event is finished.

All of this information is a goldmine for companies and event planners as it shows what guests enjoyed, didn’t enjoy and what they wanted more information about. Event planners can use this data to tailor their next events based on previous event’s data and analytics. This is useful and accurate way to gain knowledge about your guests for future events.

2. Target the right people

 Getting people to your event is all about targeting your audience. Fortunately, social media platforms collect invaluable data and help us locate and pinpoint our prospective audience with a great degree of accuracy. Using your social media platforms to target potential guests with paid media is an incredible resource available at your fingertips.

Paid media allows you to target people based on their online behaviour and to each people who are more likely to respond to online event invitations because it piques their interest.

3. Set realistic objectives

 If you have a clearer understanding of what your guests seeking from your events it allows you, as an event planner, to set more realistic, achievable objectives. Event and attendee data provides you with hard evidence of how your guests behave as well as what type of information, and how much of it, they need. This information will prove invaluable when meeting with investors or possible sponsors because you will be able to show them real data to support projected numbers and outcomes.

4. Gain a deeper understanding of your attendees

 Online and hybrid (a combination of an in-person and virtual) events have made the attendance of events for customers really easy and to stand out from the crowd it is important to host people-centred, customer-centric events that has audiences coming back for more. Event data and analytics allows you to gain a full picture of your audience — their wants, needs, likes and dislikes. Putting this data to use in your event planning and programming, will result in events that are tailor-made for your targeted audience. You want your guests to feel recognized and validated when they are attending your event, be it virtually or in person. Utilising information from event data and analytics in an effective and considered way, really works to your advantage as an event planner.

5. Find out what you can improve for future events

The best part about using event data and analytics is that you are constantly building knowledge to work from for future events. Using event apps, such as Flock’s Mobile App, allows you to send surveys and polls to your guests after the event to gauge their likes and dislikes and what they would like to learn more about. You can pull information from previous events that may not have been as successful as you wanted, to guide you on what to avoid at future gatherings. Using event data to your benefit, with your guests’ best interests at heart, will boost your business and brand reach new heights.

Flock Eventing Platform’s Mobile App is an easy-to-use, feature-rich event planning tool that allows you to centralize all interaction with your guests to one application.

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