Gamification has always been a big part of the event industry, but this trend has been accelerated as virtual and hybrid events have increased in popularity.

It is important to understand what exactly gamification is to truly understand how this tactic can enhance your virtual event.

Gamification a strategy whereby elements of a game are utilised for another activity with the goal to drive a certain action from your audience. Gamification is typically a type of marketing tactic and is especially useful in the online marketing space as it achieves two pivotal things.

  • It helps you better understand your audience and drive their actions.
  • It is an interactive and fun way to keep your audience engaged.

As more events move to the online space it is becoming increasingly important to keep audiences engaged to reach the goals of your event and calculate its effectiveness. There are also a number of different types of Virtual Event Gamification which means you can select the game that would best achieve your event’s goals.

Gamification can amplify the effectiveness of your virtual event by increasing:

  • Networking opportunities: Virtual events can have the same number of opportunities for attendees to network if they are given the opportunity to do so. This is where gamification comes in. Gamification can encourage people to interact with one another as part of the game and in so doing allow them to engage with one another in a more natural way than they might otherwise. It is a way to remind people that are not just viewing some corporate event on their screens by themselves, they are attending an online event with other people who have similar interests and goals.
  • Increase brand recognition:The implementation of event gamification may be growing but it is still a very underutilised feature. This means using gamification could give your brand an advantage over competitors virtual events by setting your apart and creating a memorable experience for your attendees to associate with your brand.
  • Increase data collection: Gamification allows you to tailor the virtual event’s game to collect the information you need from your attendees that you otherwise would not be able to collect. Additionally, because it encourages attendees to interact more with the event app or platform, it is easier to track their behaviour and gain further insights about them. This gives your brand the information it needs to improve future events and communicate with each attendee in the way they respond to best, in the future.
  • Sponsor visibility: Virtual event gamification creates more opportunities to profile your event sponsors. For example, prizes and incentives for your game can easily include the sponsors logo or provide an opportunity for branded prize packages.
  • Adds an element of fun. Gamification is an interactive and engaging way to enhance attendees’ overall experience and make it memorable.

Event gamification is one way to guarantee attendee engagement and ensure your brand stands out. The event management industry is fast adopting new technologies to stay ahead of the game you need to make sure you equipped yourself with these technologies and understand how to utilise them to stay ahead of the game.

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