The event industry has seen incredible improvements to both on-site and virtual event technology, and the tech industry definitely isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The virtual space has an enormous amount of potential and we anticipate more development in the future, which will further impact on-site event experiences as well.

Working with cutting-edge technology when planning your hybrid event will allow you to curate the best experience for your on-site guests while seamlessly integrating your live and virtual platforms.

Follow Flock’s top tips on how to enhance your event with the best and latest on-site technology:

1. Self-service check-in and registration

Contactless check-in isn’t only safer for people who are maintaining social distancing rules, but it is also more efficient and convenient for both guests and event planners. With self-service check-in, your guests will be able to register before the event, check in themselves and their plus-ones, and receive their on-site event materials in two or three very simple steps! You will be saving time, staffing costs and you will significantly reduce the amount of paper waste by removing manual check-in services altogether. Flock Eventing Platform allows self-service registration and check-in through the Flock Eventing Mobile App.

2. Detailed event and guest tracking

In addition to your guests being able to check in and register their information online with your event app, this system allows you to collect and safeguard their valuable information which can help you tailor the event to your guests’ needs.

An event app allows you to track guests’ movements and choices during your event and build more accurate and complete profiles of the types of people attending. No more waiting for guests to fill-out clumsy event surveys or questionnaires on their way out. Make use of accurate data sharing to personalize your event to your target market’s tastes.

3. Live badge printing

Technology makes designing and printing your badges and labels a breeze. Gone are the days of misprints or reprints. Your guests can make all the necessary changes on the day, if any, and print their badges by simply scanning a personalized QR code. It couldn’t be simpler! Badge printing and gathering guests’ correct information is one of the most cumbersome parts of planning an event and requires the most people’s power, if not done digitally. Making this shift will make your event smooth and efficient right from the start. What’s more, you can make use of the personal data your guests provide to make informed decisions based on your guests’ preferences for future events.

For example, if a significant amount of your guests opt for vegetarian meals, you can make the conscious decision to only cater vegetarian meals at your next event, saving you money and making your event more sustainable.

4. Integrate your live and online experiences

The key to a successful hybrid event is to make sure both virtual and live guests are receiving the same treatment and ultimately get the same experience across the board. The best way to achieve this is to integrate the two spaces by using one event app for both online and in-person guests. One virtual space where your guests access the event schedule and materials, book slots for sessions or seminars, and exchange details with other attendees. Read more about Flock’s thoughts on hybrid events here.

Event tech is moving towards becoming more personalized, convenient, sustainable, and efficient. Work with Flock to start hosting events that are cutting-edge and information-driven.





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