Ever been at an event that could have done with a bit more… fun? Ever thought that the speakers could engage the crowd a bit more, or that you’ve got some burning questions you’d love to ask but would rather not be subject to the traditional “roving mic”? The reality is, you probably aren’t the only one thinking that, and the good news is that we have a solution!

We have included Live Polling in the mix of interactive elements available in the mobile event app specifically to make events more incredible for attendees, speakers, and organisers. Live polling works really simply – questions that speakers would like to ask the audience are loaded into the system, and when the speaker would like the poll to become live, the audience accesses the question via the mobile event app, and votes. The votes can be displayed in real-time on the screen behind the speaker which allows them to interact directly with audience generated data which ensures interactivity and engagement at your event.

We collect all the data from the Live Polls in the back end and add it to the post-event analytics that are so vital for event planners and their clients. It is always great to be able to refer back to real data gathered at these occasions, when people are ready to respond. With such a simple process, instant data can be gathered without much effort from attendees.

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