2020 has taught us many things! One of them being that people can gather remotely and still experience an engaging and interactive event.

We have now firmly moved into the realm of hybrid events and we are loving the benefits of being able to host in-person guests while also being able to cater to remote attendees. We are so excited by Hybrid Events that we are offering 15% off our RSVP Event Suite, Virtual Event Software and Mobile Event App if you book before the end of January 2021!!

Why you should throw a Hybrid Event in 2021:

  • Hybrid Events combine the best of in-person and virtual gatherings. You are able to host live guests while also increasing your reach by inviting people to tune in remotely. You’ll be able to scale your business and set new goals for 2021. You won’t be limited by geographical locations and your business can grow from local to global.
  • The threat of COVID-19 has by no means diminished and the most important thing as an event organizer is to make sure all the guests are connecting safely and responsibly. Hybrid Events make it easier for organizers to control how people interact, therefore reducing the risk of a COVID scare.
  • Flock’s Mobile App makes it exceptionally easy to make hybrid event communication seamless across both audiences. Customize the Mobile App to suit your brand’s look and feel and create a centralized platform where you guests can access all of the event material from one place. Read more about our Mobile App features here.
  • Hybrid Events are a lot more sustainable for the environment and will reduce your business carbon footprint considerably. Not as many people will have to travel to your event and you won’t generate as much waste as you would normally with a fully live in-person event.

Hybrid Events are the way forward. Don’t hesitate and join the movement and book with Flock Eventing Platform before the end of January 2021 to get your 15% discount on our RSVP Event Suite, Virtual Event Software and Mobile Event App and star planning your 2021 hybrid event.

Not quite sold on hosting a Hybrid Event why not book a demo with one of Flock eventing experts and we help you make the best decisions about what you need to make your next event out of this world.

Alternatively,  get in touch by sending a mail to hello@flockplatform.com.

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