We’ve been doing Online Events through event websites, RSVP management and mobile apps since we started out in 2013, but now we’ve had the chance to really take a deep dive into providing Virtual Event solutions for our event planners, and we are looking forward to pushing the boundaries with our innovative team even further.

Keep a look out for our announcements on the webinar series – we will be sharing the full agenda in the next week or 2 so you can slot these in to your diaries and get some questions ready. The official Kick off date is 13 May 2020 at 3pm for The World of Events in VR & AR and you can register right here. There will be a different guest speaker at each webinar and they will run every 2 weeks until the end of June.

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We’ve sought out some experts in their fields to bring you the Virtual Event Knowledge Series, where topics from Virtual Reality to troubleshooting Online Events, Securing Sponsorship and Event Engagement tips and tricks will be discussed, and of course live questions from the audience will be taken as well.

It’s a portal to link Event Planners with Event Tech experts to enhance all events – Virtual, Hybrid and in-person events (when things go back to normal again).

If you have burning questions about virtual events or would like to hear on any specific topics, please send them through to us on hello@flockplatform.com – we’d love to hear from you.

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