“Founder and CEO of Flock Event Management platform, Mike Lysko’s entrepreneurial journey has been inspired by his passion for both technology and events.

A DJ during his student years, this tech entrepreneur always knew he wanted to start a company in the tech space.

He says he has experienced tremendous personal growth throughout his journey.

Lysko recognised a gap in the market after learning about people’s frustrations and difficulties while attending exhibitions, seminars and conferences. Some of those problems included long queues at events, carrying print materials handed out at seminars and presentations, and wasting delegates’ time.

He then founded the Flock Event Management platform to help brands forge meaningful connections at their events. The company was borne from a passion for both technology and events.

Lysko has always been interested in the entertainment industry, which drove him to eventing.

In 2013, he combined his passion for technology and events, through the development of App Your Event and Flock Event Management, which allow event organisers to engage better with attendees.”

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