During this month we’ve had a greater variety of virtual events; ranging from smooth-running webinars, to exhibitions, online networking at dinner tables or having drinks at the bar, to creating full on production experiences with green screens and the widest variety of backdrops and complete 3D conferences. We’ve had speakers beaming in to present from the streets of Hong Kong, Times Square, a professional office space and even from the moon!

Savetcon hosted another successful virtual event with us, this time for 600 attendees who were able to sit down and connect with some people they hadn’t seen since university. The email invites were branded and sent out to guests, with attendees going to the event’s website with RSVP fields and custom information gathered before they saved their seat at the conference. On the day and leading up to it, information on the event was sent via mobile and email to ensure maximum attendance, with links for guests to join right away, which helped the 600 attendees accessing the event to gain their CPD points and take in the information that doctors and medical professionals shared with the reps and other guests. Guests were offered opportunities to mingle before and after the event and they certainly made the most of it.

Another one of the events we did this month that really stood out was a full day virtual conference with participants from 16 SADC member states that needed instant translation between 3 languages. As presenters shared their presentations and discussions in their native languages of French and Portuguese, these had to be translated into English (and vice versa) throughout. The feedback was incredibly positive as the webinar translations exceeded expectations and enabled easier conversations.

Each event has its unique needs, and when taking a physical event into the virtual space, we take time to understand the objectives and achieve them together. Have an event brief you’d like us to help with?

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