Being able to attend an entire event virtually felt very futuristic until a few months ago when tech improved dramatically and new health situations encouraged us to change our view on traditional events. So, we have great news (and a solid solution for event planners that still need their events), with some attendees hesitant to travel or unable to be (physically) in one place altogether.

We’ve packaged all the best elements in our tech stack together to provide a virtual event solution that allows attendees to attend your event and get the benefits of:

• Connecting with & see who is attending the event
• Getting all documents, talks and other information to attendees directly
• Being able to participate in live or pre-recorded event sessions
• Being able to partake in live breakaway sessions
• Commenting and engaging in sessions with the speakers
• See exhibitors offerings and engage with them
• Providing event feedback easily
• Creating hype and communicating with attendees

Essentially making it a similar experience for those attending your events, virtually or physically.

We’re really excited about this – we were heading in this direction anyway, to have an entire event attended virtually – no need to spend time and energy on travel and creating more carbon emissions.

App 2

So, how do we hold your event, in an app?

  1. Invites, RSVP’s through the event page, confirmation mails and reminders are created and sent via the Flock Platform
  2. The event is marketed to finalise attendance as it would be for a physical event
  3. Communication around how to participate at the event is sent – i.e. :
    – Attendees login to the app (Access controlled or open)
    – Fill in attendee profile for ease of connecting
    – Go to agenda where session can be accessed for a live stream (or pre-recorded) of the speaker session, with engagement
    & commenting  facilities
    Push notifications are scheduled and sent to attendees (and segmented groups of attendees) to remind of sessions and
    attendee connecting
    Attendees can connect through seeing other’s details and making connections offline to have a one-on-one
  4. Once the event is over, attendees will be prompted for survey feedback as usual

Regardless of virus’s or other health issues that make attendees more inclined to attend events in this way, having a virtual event option will become more and more relevant in the upcoming months and years to reduce physical travel and physical events.

We don’t think events will only ever be virtual, the need for human connection is intrinsic to us, but you can bet we love being part of the virtual event revolution!

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