If the term NFT is still a bit foreign to you, you are forgiven. Even though the earliest NFTs emerged in 2012, they only started exploding in 2018. A NFT is a crypto asset that acts as proof of ownership of a digital asset such as an image, video, in-game item, gifs, or meme. It is stored on a digital ledger called the blockchain. Once created on the blockchain, they become unique and non-interchangeable, ready to be sold to customers, who can in turn access them on any device. 

NFTs may seem abstract in nature, but the hype around them is very real and is reaching the events industry. Event organisers can use this new innovative technology to their advantage. It is now possible to purchase NFT-based tickets on the ticket owner’s choice of a blockchain platform. Imagine selling tickets that give your guests lifetime VIP access to your conference? Or imagine if your NFT conference ticket one day held the same value as a piece of high-end NFT art?

So, how do you access this technology? Get ahead of the curb and download the full NFT ticketing process below.

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NFT tickets are the gateway to unforgettable experiences that your event attendees will cherish for years to come. It is no wonder that NFTs have taken almost every industry by storm!

Together we can unlock the unlimited possibilities of NFT ticketing.

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