People are continuously bombarded with mass mailers, spam and other sales and marketing campaigns, so it’s important to cut through that clutter when you send event invitations. Learn more about how you can utilise the Flock Platform to create beautiful custom-branded mailers for your event.

In a previous blog post, we mentioned the increasing importance of personalising your collateral for meetings, events and conferences, amongst other tech trends for 2019.

Flock Platform’s Event Management system has been specifically designed to create email campaigns with ease and to have them 100% personalised to make your guests feel welcome. Our platform makes it very easy to completely brand your emails, have standardised emails across the system, ensure that your guests’ first names are used and that RSVP data is consolidated so that your guests get the correct email depending on their status.

Book a demo with us to walk you through our user-friendly eventing software which will make your event planning simple and easy. From consolidating your basic event details to housing all sponsors, attendees, speakers, RSVPs, email campaigns, event landing pages, as well as creating a branded and professional mobile app for attendees, the event platform can be as simple or extensive as you need.

How can Flock take your event to the next level? Book a demo to find out.