This month, we’ve had the privilege of facilitating an innovative virtual event for a global pet food company, through a partnership with Solutions Group Events. The kick-off conference and award ceremony was a huge success with attendees logged in from all over SA to enjoy the online festivities.

The aim of the event was to give the organisation’s SA based staff the opportunity to learn more about the global pet food giant, encourage local SA leadership teams and allow staff to network safely though the online virtual conference platform.

The virtual event took place on the 19th of April 2021 and gave over 80 staff members the opportunity to connect and network for the day. The conference ran seamlessly from 9am to 3:30pm. During the event, the main topic covered was the company’s plan for 2021. The event also included the opportunity for regional presentations to be given and those sales teams who performed well to be recognised for their hard work by the company and their colleagues.

Most of the event’s content was pre-recorded and packaged to allow the many event elements to come together as effortlessly as possible. However, there were some fantastic live aspects included to increase engagement and enhance the overall event experience.

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