One of our most exciting projects at the moment is the Think Big Series by PSG where thought leaders from around South Africa in various industries such as sports, aviation, the tobacco industry, education, and others have come together to discuss some of the most fascinating topics, with some of the most knowledgeable people in the business – award-winning journalist Bruce Whitfield, Herman Mashaba and Jacques Pauw. This is a series made for the public and goes into deep insights on a variety of fronts, so the importance of a smooth-running show is paramount.

Everything from the event invites, landing pages, live stream, and surveys is taken care of by the Flock Platform team, fully branded and professionally delivered to guests to sign in quickly and easily.

Some of the topics they have covered so far are around the future of rugby in the local and international scene, with Nick Mallet and Adriaan Pask, The future of Aviation in South Africa with Guy Leitch and Bertus Visser, why the illegal tobacco industry is flourishing with Jacques Pauw and Ronald King, and the Future of South African politics with Herman Mashaba and Dan Hugo.

Join us as we deep dive into the future of education in SA with Adam Habib and Anet Ahern by registering here, and feel free to pass on the link to others to attend these virtual events as well.

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