Flock Event Platform’s mobile app is jam-packed with features that make organizing your live, virtual or hybrid event seamless and simple.

Our mobile app guarantees you full control over all aspects of your event — from the registration process through to evaluating your guests’ data for future events. Flock’s event app makes it possible for you to digitally curate your event on one easy-to-use, custom designed mobile application. Flock makes event management effortless and provides you with the tools to effectively manage and communicate with your guests.

Digitally manage your RSVPs

 Flock has created a simple, yet comprehensive invitation process that allows your guests to receive, accept and follow up with their invitations from the comfort of their mobile or computer devices. You, as the event planner, will have full control of all the steps in the RSVP process. Flock’s RSVP Event Suite makes sure you always have up-to-date information about who is attending your event and allows you to send email reminders as well as any important information leading up to the event day.

Flock’s RSVP process enables you to manage your RSVPs digitally, making the process of managing your invitees’ data a whole lot simpler.

The Invitation Process

  • An email invitation is sent to all invitees with information about the event and an option to immediately accept or decline the invitation.
  • If the invitee chooses to accept the invitation, they will be redirected to the event landing page on their browser.
  • Here, they will be asked to fill out a short registration form with their basic details.
  • Once the form is completed, your guest receives an email confirming both their attendance at the event as well as their registration.
  • Throughout the RSVP process, Flock will send the company scheduled RSVP reports with information about how many invitees have accepted, declined, or not responded yet.
  • You are able to send guests email reminders and will also be able to update your registered guests with the latest information about the event.

Curate your guest’s experiences

Flock’s RSVP process doesn’t only allow you to digitally record your RSVPs, it also allows you to capture key information about your attendees, such as demographic details and interests, that will help you curate personalized experiences for them at the event. The registration form can include specific questions that will help the event organizers suggest sessions and speakers to individual attendees. This way, each guest is able to customize their event experience according to their personal interests.

Flock’s RSVP Event Suite makes sure you start your event management process a few steps ahead. Digitally managing your attendees and being on top of their needs and interests allows you to make sure you are building an event with their interests in mind.

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