Since the South African Investment Conference (SAIC) launched in 2018, it has put South Africa’s investment potential in the limelight, showcasing the many investment opportunities that our country has to offer.  SAIC has astonishingly received R700 billion in investment promises to date. 

It goes without saying that it is more important than ever to address issues like unemployment, poverty, and inequality after the economic hardships we suffered at the hand of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that is exactly what the SAIC intended to achieve.. 

The 4th SA Investment Conference, which was held on Thursday 22 March 2022, had one goal in mind and that was to build on the previous editions’ accomplishments by highlighting South Africa’s strengths and competitive advantages. It also aimed to highlight why South Africa is an attractive investment location for local and international firms wishing to expand in Africa.

The goal

The SAIC aimed towards launching an online platform for guests to engage as well as provide tools for virtual guests to stream sessions. 

They wanted something that would not only allow their guests to register and have access to all the event’s information on an online platform, and wanted to provide guests with the possibility of networking with one another and gain real-time feedback. 

The solution

As always, Flock was ready to assist. Flock provided SAIC with a virtual event platform where guests were able to livestream sessions and network with each other. We also supplied them with an onsite team.. Lastly, our camera crew members were onsite to capture every detail of the event and manage streams. 

We designed a custom branded mobile app for attendees to navigate the event and keep up to date with news and stream sessions at the conference. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with state of the art mobile apps, and the one we created for SAIC was no exception.  

The custom branded app included the following features

  • Livestream of the event and different sessions
  • A chat function for delegates to interact and chat with one another
  • Speaker bios and information
  • Agenda or programme for the day
  • General event and venue information

Our onsite team 

We are especially grateful for our onsite team and the hard work they put into making sure that everything at the SAIC ran smoothly. They were immensely helpful with assisting guests in downloading the event app. Since some of the attendees were unfamiliar  with the concept of utilising mobile applications for live events, our team also tended to many queries about the app.

We can safely say that the event was a huge success, but we’ll let the statistics speak for themselves.. 

Mobile app analytics 

Total App Downloads – 377

Total App Views – 15 231

Virtual attendee analytics

User Count – 760

Number of Attendees Joined Session – 475`

Number of Attendees Joined Table in Lounge – 4% of attendees

Total Attendees of Event – 522

If you are looking for an effective and efficient digital solution for your next event we would love to help. Book a demo with us today to chat about the endless possibilities the virtual eventing world has to offer. 

Cover Image Source: EWN

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