This month we celebrate a client whose heritage starts in the Netherlands back in 1932. The SPAR Group started with the aim of working together with wholesalers and distributors to create more benefits for everyone, including their clients of course. This month we participated in the 2nd SPAR Group conference…

..where we supplied our custom-branded mobile app with the full interactive suite of Live Polling and Q&A. The convention was attended by 1300 members of the SPAR Group family and the app was downloaded by over 1000 people, enabling them to thoroughly participate in the event.

We have been working with SPAR on their annual conferences which bring together the South African portion of 13 100 SPARS, spread to over 45 countries worldwide. There is so much to learn from this large organisation and their vision as they aim to bring the best to their customers, which is what sets them apart from competitors and has allowed them to stay strong and continue to grow over decades.

We always look forward to working together with SPAR to make their conferences and events digital, greener and more interactive with our event management software and mobile apps. Get in touch to chat if you’d like to find out more about doing the same for your events.

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