Branding, in any event, is an important part of your guests’ experience and helps you focus their attention on your company and offerings. The shift to virtual has sparked the need to create new, inventive ways of branding events for people who are tuning in from home. With virtual, the options to reinvent the way people experience your business and brand are endless and new technologies are being explored every day.

The key to branding your virtual event is to make sure people tuning in are constantly exposed to your brand image, message and ethos.

Flock provides you with these top tips on how to take your brand to the next level during your virtual event.

1. Swag Bags

An age-old promotional tool for events, SWAG bags are a sure-fire way to get your guests to remember your brand. In the virtual event context, sending a SWAG bag to all your confirmed guests shows that you’re going the extra mile, despite not being able to meet in person. Try and curate your SWAG bags with relevant items instead of just throwing conventional branded items in a bag. You can use your SWAG bags to emphasize one of your brands key messages or themes. For example, if your brand focuses on sustainable practices, only include eco-friendly gifts.

2. Branded virtual backgrounds

In person events can rely on branded décor to enhance guests’ experience with the brand. Virtual events therefore need to make sure that the virtual space is utilized to their advantage. Branding your virtual background is a great way to imitate the branding from an in-person event. Your guests will be subject to your brand’s image and message throughout your event, without them feeling bombarded by the branding. Flock will take care of branding your entire virtual events package with your brands CI.

3. Provide incentives

Incentivising participation through raffles or giveaways is a great way to get people to engage with your brand and possibly win amazing prizes. You could have a raffle that runs for the length of your virtual event or conference and you could run a giveaway competition on each day of the conference. Make sure your prizes speak to your brand and are focused on the theme of the event or conference. For example, if you’re hosting an event to launch a new product, offer the product as a grand prize of the raffle.

4. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is every virtual event’s best friend. Using social media to aid marketing and brand awareness during your virtual event is key to creating conversations that exist outside of your virtual event platform.

Clever ways to encourage engagement on social media platforms during an event:

  • Host Q&A sessions and ask people to submit their questions via Twitter.
  • Set up an event hashtag and encourage guests to post pictures to Instagram tagging the event and using the hashtag.
  • Use social media to run polls and quizzes related to your event.

Virtual events are great spaces to create awareness around your brand. For the duration of the event, you have your guests undivided attention. With Flock Eventing Platform, you can learn how to utilize the potential of the virtual space and throw a virtual event that is both engaging and generates long-lasting growth for your brand.

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