Working with Flock Platform your Event Tech Partner is the easiest way to organise and create your virtual/online or physical events, let us handle all the Event Tech requirements, Live Streaming, Pre-recordings, Speaker Technicalities, Mobile App, Online Collaboration and Engagement tools, whilst you handle the multitude of other event planning tasks.

Here’s how it works:


1. Invite people and manage RSVPs online


2. Market the event, as with any physical event

Attendees Connect

3. Attendees can connect and see who is attending

Event Documents To Attendees

4. Deliver documents, talks and other information to attendees directly

Interactive Online Event

5. Participate in live or pre-recorded event sessions, and live breakaway sessions

Comment Engage Virtual Events

6. Comment and engage in sessions with the speakers

Exhibitor Online Events

7. See exhibitor offerings, and engage with them

Event Feedback

8. Provide event feedback easily

Attendee Communication

9. Create hype and communicate with attendees

Event Reports Analytics

10. Get event reports and analytics


We’ve been creating seamless Event Tech experiences in more than 36 countries around the world since 2013 and cover all event types from Virtual Conferences, Virtual Exhibitions, Online Training, Online Workshops, Online Seminars, Virtual Roadshows, Online Awards Evenings and more, optimising the audience engagement for every format.

Our experienced team of Project Managers will guide and create your Virtual Event with you, ensuring we engage attendees from:

  • The first communication through Email, SMS, Event Websites and more
  • During the event itself on our multiple integrative platforms
  • Event Surveys at the end, and building up to your next event

With our platforms you can manage and plan multiple events, organise RSVP’s digitally, create professional landing pages and communicate with attendees. You can also create hybrid events that integrate live streaming into your Mobile Event App or Event Website to host an event online and extend the reach of your audience.

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