Recently we’ve been reading up on the latest and greatest in event tech and found some gems that need a mention to transform your next event, conference, exhibition, seminar or meeting. Here are 5 top tech trends to look out for and incorporate into your event where you can:


Augmented Reality (AR)– Make the most of where the world is going and put these interactive elements at your event. It’s bound to draw a crowd, and AR can be tailored to suit sponsors or the theme of the event, and even incorporated into your mobile event app.


Improve event experiences for guests through personalisation where possible, whether on name cards, emails and collateral, to keeping track of activity history to make sure attendees aren’t asked to register if they have registered before on your mobile event app. You can also  analyse click throughs of attendees on the conference apps, so relevant content can be pushed to the user.


Voice providing a better experience – Imagine if your mobile event app could schedule your meetings for you, register you for a session or help you check in quicker at an event? More and more people are treating their devices like virtual PAs, and this is something that will need to be incorporated into events soon as a mode of convenience. Voice prompts would be able to be scheduled on the Event Planning Software and triggered whilst the user is interacting with the event app.


Electronic translators – The logistics, time and money it takes to include translators in business events and conferences can be high, but this cost may soon be able to be reduced a great deal with electronic translators being available and user friendly. This also allows for subject matter experts to be requested to share knowledge regardless of language, breaking communication boundaries that were previously unavoidable.

Incorporating chatbots – This  allows for a better experience for the attendee by providing instant  answers to questions. They can be used to gather more meaningful data from surveys as well as prompt the attendee for next steps based on a particular action, improving the overall experience at events, improving interaction with the mobile event or conference app, and all easily planned within the event management software back-end.

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