We had the privilege of hosting the Webber Wentzel Partners Conference at the beautiful Fancourt hotel in George. The outstanding venue and well organised team made this event an exceptional experience. Our guests all agreed that this was the best team building event that they have attended to date. 

The Event

The theme for this year was “re-connecting” and as always, the weekend was informative and interesting. Bringing the theme to life meant team building activities that got everyone back to reconnecting and enjoying the day. The weekend was filled with smiles and humour as guests enjoyed the expectational Fancourt and being back to in-person events.

The itinerary for the day saw the guests being treated to 5 beautifully decorated venues leading up to the awards ceremony in the main arena aptly named the Acropolis. The evening’s proceedings were on point as guests were treated to a carefully curated delicious menu, paired with some outstanding wines. The DJ was on fire and left the entire team dancing into the night, ending what was a most memorable event.

Flock’s Involvement 

We developed and supported Webber Wentzel with their very own mobile app. Working together on the content for the App, we included both the social elements like the dress code and packing essentials to the main event theme including the weekend itinerary. We built the live agenda so guests could view the speaker line up and any changes to the agenda could be managed immediately. The push notification ability allowed us to keep in continuous contact with the entire team with updates on start times, information sharing and any changes to the program.

The app also allowed a live streaming functionality, but the most loved feature was the photo sharing option which the guests enjoyed as they captured and shared their amazing experiences.

Mobile app statistics 

Total downloads – 134
Total Views – 6 005, with the top 2 devices being Apple (3764), and Samsung (2029)
Survey Feedback views – 167
Feedback responses – 41 

In Closing 

The Webber Wentzel Partners Conference delivered on an expectational and remarkable event experience and one that won’t be forgotten any time soon. This event has created life-long memories for their guests and left them looking forward in anticipation to the next event. 

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