We thought we’d take a deep dive into some of the incredible offerings we have to make your events come to life. One of the most amazing things about being in the technology space is that (we like to believe) there is always a way to make the impossible, possible. And what we’ve managed to do is partner and integrate with incredible offerings to bring you advanced tech stacks and solutions that provide an immersive online experience (not only through Virtual Reality, though that is one of our favourites).

From online conferencing with attendees “sitting” and talking at tables on various levels at events, to fully immersive virtual exhibitions with guests as their own character/avatar and walking around to booths and sales people to find out more and purchase items, to having entire events hosted in Mobile Event Apps for ease and convenience for attendees (with exhibition booths and products also included). The production capabilities of putting on these virtual events also have various levels of pizzazz and complexity and can take an average webinar to being a full production that keeps attendees engaged and interested.

In conjunction with this, we help event planners with creative aspects to keep attendees active and enthralled, advising on the agenda and activities that are unique to their event, and it really helps to have Event Tech Experts (like us) on board.

To craft your own virtual event experience together with us, contact us or email hello@flockplatform.com and one of our team will be in touch.

There are a multitude of solutions out there with various pros and cons for your attendees that impact the experience created. We have been crafting these virtual experiences with our clients to meet the aims of the events, and often broaden the audience reach and engagement in the process.

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