Whether you are preparing for a virtual event held on your event website or mobile app, we’ve made it an even smoother process by enhancing the video streaming capabilities all-round. Our video interfaces across channels have also been polished to improve how the event comes across to attendees to ensure that the user experience is always improving. Even live streaming in 3D worlds is possible and is being consistently developed further to create a better view for the audience and presenters and create a more life-like and engaging experience.

In times like these when entire events are dependent on either live streams or pre-recorded content going out to your event guests, it’s vital that the streaming experience is easy and that your event is accessible on every device, especially when the events are paid for.

The very nature of virtual events is of being mobile and remote for attendees, so ensuring that your entire event can be held in a mobile app, with completely integrated streamed video, engagement tools to keep guests captivated, social streams, feedback forms and more helps to keep everything contained and gives guests reassurance that everything they need for the event is right in the palm of their hands (and not in an email they need to look for somewhere in their inboxes).

We’re all about making your virtual events easier, better, streamlined, and more professional than ever before, so give us your requirements so we can show you the best online event solutions. Get in touch with us by booking a demo or sending an email to hello@flockplatform.com.

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