The venue of the future isn’t some far-out location with lights on the wall that respond to emotions, or futuristic decorations that create a “year 3000” feel for event attendees – the venue of the future is one that allows attendees to attend no matter where they are in the world, to avoid the cost and emissions of travel, to protect their lowered immune systems or care for young children or family members. The venue of the future is one where interactivity and engagement in sessions and networking have been provided for, and where they can get a similar experience to those able to attend the event physically. The event of the future is none other than… wherever in the entire world your guests choose to attend your event from!

What this means is that we as a company have chosen to focus on how we can include our online visitors in all activities from networking to event engagement, in order to create an online event experience for them even when travel, illness or other reasons may prevent physical attendance.

We’ve mentioned it before, recently in our many media appearances in the last week on eNCA, SABC and Cape Talk but we are firm believers in the future of events being hybrid events (where there is a more equal online and physical experience for attendees). This has some great perks for event organisers as they are able to extend the reach of their audience, charge for online attendance, disseminate information across the globe easier, and reduce costs on venue and catering if 30% of attendees that would usually attend physically, prefer to rather attend online.

The way the online event functions is incredibly important so that we can continue to bring the cohesiveness and inclusion that events are known for, onto an online platform. However, with just a little brainstorming, there are so many interactive and inclusion-oriented features that can take your event into the online sphere quickly and easily. To chat to us more about online events, get in touch by giving us your event details here, or mail us on

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