There is a palpable buzz of excitement in the air.. In-person events are back and, dare I say, better than ever. However, it is safe to say that we are not as sharp at hosting in-person events as we used to be.

To help you get back into the rhythm, we have highlighted some important tools that will help you hit the ball out of the park at your next in-person event. 

Top Tools to Implement at Your Next In-Person Event

Online Registration and Ticketing Processes 

There are many different factors that can determine the best registration technique for your event. Elements like the location and style of the event, as well as the number of people that are expected to attend the event are all important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a registration solution. At the end of the day, creating memorable experiences for the people attending your event is the main objective, and in a post Covid-19 world, attendees have much less tolerance for long ques and poor first impressions. 

Choosing the correct registration tool is an important decision to make early on in the event planning process. This will determine how the attendees at your event experience the ticketing, as well as their attitude towards your event. 

Contactless and Paperless Processes 

Although the doors to in person events are reopening, social distancing measures shouldn’t be thrown out the window completely. In order to maintain the safety of your audience and those working at the event, planners need to implement digital interactions between hosts and their attendees. For in-person events to thrive again, contactless interactions need to be normalised. 

Gone are the days of paper-trail check-ins and access control points. Even the average Joe will understand that the advantages of contactless interactions far outweighs the disadvantages. Paperless and contactless interactions are not only curbing the spread of the virus, but it is also the solution to a sustainability problem that humanity has been struggling with for many decades. 

Our customisable mobile app is the perfect paperless solution. This mobile event app gives attendees immediate access to important info and allows them to engage and interact with others online.

Hybrid Events

Our customisable mobile app can help you to collect and manage the necessary data about your attendees, whether they are attending your event in-person or online. This tool gives you the option to invite more accomplished people to your in-person event, while allowing virtual access to larger audiences. 

It is time to accept the inevitable – hybrid eventing solutions have become more than a strategy to attract a larger audience, it is the life and breath that sustains successful events in a post Covid-19 world. If the last two years have taught us anything, it is that lockdown restrictions can change at any moment, and new regulations can pop up unexpectedly. Therefore, it is important to utilise event planning tools that offer you flexibility and give you the option of switching your in-person event to a hybrid event at any given moment. 

Capacity Control Tools 

It goes without saying that public safety is more important than ever. This is why it is vital to implement certain event technologies effectively. Innovative safety measures need to be considered at all times. It would be wise to implement tools that utilise access control systems in such a way that you can accurately keep track of all the entries and exits during your event. 

Also consider having an effective crowd management strategy ready in advance. This will allow you to reduce long waiting lines and unnecessary crowding. One way of doing this is through creating a logical check-in flow chart for live events. 

Returning to in-person events will require you to consider the use of innovative tools to help you streamline the process. To do so it is important to understand that there are faster and simpler event planning methods available. Feel free to book a demo with us – we want to help you get the most out of new event technology. 


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