Green screens are an affordable and accessible option that event organisers can use to catapult their event to the next level. With the latest technological advancements, green screens are no longer only reserved for big-budget films or high-end enterprises. Corporates and small-scale companies are able to use green screens to enhance their virtual spaces by utilising them for advertising purposes, multimedia presentations as well as video sharing.

Flock Eventing Platform has used green screens for many clients and as a result has seen major improvements in both event engagement as well as keeping attendees tuned in. Introducing an interactive and dynamic element as part of attendees’ experience helps keep them focused and engaged throughout the online gathering.

There are so many benefits to using a green screen, with one of the main ones being that it can create an immersive experience for attendees. Which will increase engagement and is key to any successful event.

Some of the other benefits of green screens include:

Production value: Using a green screen massively increases the production value of your event. When you use a green screen you are able to use a range of special effects that will take your event content to the next level.

Versatility: Green screens are extremely versatile so you can use them to transform your background into just about anything you can imagine.

Creativity: Creativity is key to any successful event and using a green screen will empower you to let those creative juices flow. You will not be hampered by things like complicated set builds to execute your vision.

Extended usability: Having a green screen is great because the same one can be used time and again. Each time you use your green screen, you can use it to create something completely new and fresh.

Branding: Through the use of a green screen, you can ensure that your event content is consistently branded. It also allows for advertising opportunities as event sponsors and advertisers can seamlessly incorporate their branding into your content. Incorporating sponsors or brands that advertise at your event is a great way to increase your event’s profitability.

Efficiency: Time is money and with a green screen you can save on both. Using a green screen will eliminate the need to build a set which is very time consuming and the costs of building a set can also add up quickly.

Timelessness: Using a green screen allows you to increase the lifecycle of your content. It allows you to go back to existing content and edit it to give it a bit of a facelift or to update it with the latest relevant information.

Incorporating green screen technology could be just the thing that your next event needs in order to increase attendee engagement and keep sponsors and advertisers happy. It is a tool that allows for endless creativity. A green screen also reduces the need for costly and time consuming set builds. So why not incorporate one at your next event?

Flock Eventing Platform has executed many successful virtual as well as hybrid events with the help of green screen technology. If you’re looking to make use of green screens for your next event, contact Flock today and Book a Demo to plan your next virtual gathering.

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