What do you do when a global corporation wants an on-demand solution for their multi-day event? Add to that requests for high engagement and activity, to keep hundreds of attendees informed and delighted throughout, with high-security measures – it’s by no means a simple task.

The Flock team had to create an all-encompassing solution to provide members with event info, enable networking, and gain real-time feedback by engaging in live polls, live discussions, and feedback sessions throughout this Virtual Event.

It was vitally important that the event ran smoothly, and that hosts from every country were prepped and guided by our project managers to technically manage their sessions.

Together with the event team, the event pre-recordings were produced, the Virtual Event collateral was branded and executed, and the marketing for the event was sent out. Even before the event went live, the social timeline lit up with photos, messages, likes, and comments from all members from all over the world which included the UK, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Portugal, France, Russia, United States and Ireland.

Attendees got to watch the live stream and pre-recorded sessions on the RSVP page through any device, depending on where they were accessing the event from and were able to engage and interact with ease. Once the event started, people shared content with insights into session materials, started discussions and continued to interact throughout the event using the chat option on the RSVP page live stream. Attendees were able to pose questions to the speakers using the live polls to get real-time feedback which enabled even more interactive sessions. We were thrilled to be a part of this one!

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