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Virtual Events

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Virtual events

A virtual event is an online space that mimics a physical event without the location limitations. They can consist of anything from small Q&A sessions and webinars to large-scale conferences and online expos.

Anyone with an invitation and an internet connection can access a virtual event.

Types of virtual events and functionality

Which type of virtual event is right for you? We can help you choose.

Online conferences
  • During this virtual event, participants with similar interests attend by logging in from any location.
  • Online conferences – not to be confused with webinars – bring experts together to discuss a variety of areas within one theme.
  • A virtual conference has a more complex agenda than a webinar and makes use of several mediums to communicate content to attendees, for example, video, live streaming and downloadable media.
  • Similar to physical seminars, webinars are used to educate and inform an online audience. Webinars are usually hosted on video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, Vimeo or similar and allow for interaction through Q&A sessions at the end. Attendees can usually interact with one another via a chat option.
  • Webinars make use of a simple online interface where people can view content, usually being streamed through a webcam),on their device and ask questions compared to an online events which are essentially physically events that have been replicated online.
Live streaming
  • Live streams are suitable for online panel discussions, keynote addresses, launches and company announcements.
  • This type of meeting requires a higher level of digital production and may not allow for interaction between presenters and the audience.
  • Sharing an event as it unfolds makes it more immersive for the audience. Live streaming can also create a sense of anticipation and excitement, especially when used for product launches or announcements.
Online expos (tradeshows)
  • Online expos are the virtual equivalent of their offline counterparts.
  • Exhibitors and attendees can enter the event in a virtual exhibition hall. Here attendees can navigate through the online venue to view the different branded booths and connect with exhibitors. There is an exhibitor at each virtual branded stand who can interact with attendees and communicate information about their product or service, additional information can be shared in a chat room.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with

Benefits (ROI)


Cost-effective solution

Virtual events are more cost-effective than physical events.


Reach a larger audience

Spread across multiple locations simultaneously.


Accurate event ROI

Based on actual data collected throughout the event.


Easy access to content

Virtual event software allows attendees to easily view and download content.


Real-time reports

Generate reports on attendees’ behaviour and preferences.


Event longevity

Virtual events can remain available for longer which provides guests with a flexible attendance schedule.

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